• "Truck, Trunk, & Table"

    Flea Market

    Important Notice


    The "Truck, Trunk, & Table" Flea Market, scheduled for this Saturday, October 7th, 2017 has been cancelled. The PRIDE Team at 515 made this decision due to the following reasons:


    • Organization efforts were hampered by other duties as the school year opened.
    • Conflicts arose with fall sporting/community events (both with our school, and in the regionally)
    • Many of our commercial vendors had conflicts with the dates, and could not support a fall event.


    We waited until we heard from more of our vendors, and rather than try to support two events this year, we want to focus all of our efforts on the June 2nd, 2018 date. By emphasizing a single event, we will be able to maximize our impact, advertising, and vendor participation!


    You can apply your Registration Fee to our Spring 2018 event, or request a FULL REFUND. Please reply to this email with your decision regarding your prepaid fees.


    The "Truck, Trunk, and Trailer" Flea Market was a huge success last spring, and we anticipate and even larger event in 2018! Thank you for all of your time and support!


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